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This is the website of a citizens association in Höngg, a city district of Zurich in Switzerland. The main goal of our association is to keep Höngg prosperous and valuable by representing our local interests towards the administration of the city of Zurich, but also by organizing different events throughout the year.

Switzerland has a great tradition with associations covering a broad variety of interests like sport, music, nature, hiking,... We have over 60 different associations in Höngg, and you will find their coordinates on our website (Höngger Vereine). This gives you an idea on how widely spread the interests are and how "rich" Höngg is. Our articles cover local news and past events. Our event calendar shows what is going on in Höngg.

We don't offer a translated website in English. Should you seek any information, please contact us either via the form or contact any board member directly.


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Situation map of Höngg
Source: Bundesamt für Landestopografie, swisstopo